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122 N Neil Street
Champaign, IL 61820

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Special delivery! Lit Post is a subscription service for avid readers, TBR list-makers, and badass bibliophiles.

Get a brand new release every month shipped right to your door. Lit Post boxes include a new hardcover book from one of four genres, a sticker, and a recipe card for a mocktail/cocktail themed to the book! Kids Post boxes include an activity, drink, or snack card!

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lit post FAQ

Who picks the Lit Post books?

The Literary staff curates the subscription boxes. Alternate books will be chosen for any backorder or publication issues, and subscribers will be notified of any such changes.

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How frequent are deliveries?

Expect a brand new release from the genre of your choice on your doorstep every month!

Will my subscription renew automatically?

Yep! If you do not cancel your subscription before the 5th of each month, your subscription will continue to renew automatically.

What if I want to cancel my Lit Post subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time, but in order to not receive the next box, you must cancel before the closing date for that month's box (canceling by 5th). 

Any shipments that have already been paid for will still ship as scheduled. If you're just looking for a one-time gift, we recommend a gift bundle!

Email to cancel your Lit Post, adjust frequency, or to skip a month.

Can I subscribe to more than one box?

Of course! If you would like multiple boxes to be shipped separately, you will need to place separate orders. Otherwise, subscribe to as many as you'd like!

What if I want to change the delivery address or contact information?

Just log into your account and update any information about your subscription. If you have trouble doing this, just give us a call: (217) 954-1500

What if I want to change my subscription to another genre?

If you'd like to change your Lit Post genre, you can cancel your current subscription and re-subscribe to your new preference.

When can I expect my subscription to arrive?

Lit Post boxes are shipped through the USPS. Shipments should arrive after the beginning of the following month. For example, orders for the October Post will be fulfilled by mid-September and be shipped by the first week of October.

What if I don't like the book selection and/or already own it?

There are no returns on Lit Post books or merchandise. Brand new releases are chosen for the Post in efforts to prevent any re-reads. However, in case you're a super reader or not into that month's pick, we suggest passing the book along to a pal!

Are you going to offer other genres of Lit Post?

We hope so! We are starting with our most popular genres for the time being.

To what age is the Kids Post targeted?

The Kids Lit Post boxes contain a picture book and is likely best for kiddos in elementary school. But no judgement if you're an adult who wants one.

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If you have any additional questions about Lit Post, please email

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