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A croissant walks into a bar...

This might sound like the intro to a joke, but it’s more like part of our business model. We like to think that a part of what makes The Literary and Hopscotch Brunchette so special is that if you’re looking to unwind with a gin and tonic (that just so happens to be the loveliest shade of lavender) and a flakey croissant, we have you covered. Want to meet your book club pal to catch up over a glass of wine and a chocolate chip cookie? Look no further! We’re here because we want you to treat yourself. Why? Because you absolutely deserve it.

A café, brunch restaurant, independent bookstore, and a bar might seem like a combination of your dreams, but that’s because it is. It’s our dream, and here it is! Not to brag (but also totally to brag), but we’re basically the masters of combining all the best things under one roof. The Literary is special because you’re special and deserve to have all the best things, which we just so happen to think includes a new book and something to sip and snack on.

You’re always welcome here just as you are. If you haven’t read a book since high school, think you shouldn’t eat a delicious hamburger, or think wine is too fancy for you, guess what? 1. We don’t care, let’s find you a read, 2. Yes, you should, and 3. No, it’s not! We exist for you, for your friends, for your colleagues, for your family, for your kids.

So, next time you’re looking to celebrate, need a pick-me-up, or just want to relax, come on in. We love nothing more than seeing pals share a carafe of mimosas, finding you a new book, chatting at book clubs, seeing a father and son play chess, and moms reading picture books to their toddlers in pigtails. Treat yourself at The Literary however you want–it’s our area of expertise.

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