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Amazon at Heart

We're not Amazon, and we like it that way.

During this time of year, it's practically inevitable to become swept up in chaos. Feeling the pressure to find the right gifts at the right budget and by the right deadline. You might be overwhelmed by thinking "I need to get my twelve year old niece I see twice year who lives in Florida something she'll love, but what even would that be?" And in cases like that, it seems easiest to hop online and buy a Harry Styles poster that'll be on your doorstep in two days. Or maybe you're in need of a new read and you hop on an app while on the bus to order a book.

Yes, that is definitely convenient--we won't argue with you there. But if and when you choose to source your gifts locally, it's important to remember that we aren't Amazon. And we like it that way.

We like it that way because we can help find you the perfect gift for someone you know even though we've never met them. Small businesses want the challenge of finding the perfect surprise for your 12-year old niece; that's why we went into small business! Because there really is nothing more satisfying than seeing relief come across the face of the purchaser and joy come across the receiver's. It's our greatest gift of all to find something both you and your niece can be excited about.

And because we're human and not an algorithm, this can cost time. It costs our time--which we are ever so grateful to spend--and perhaps even yours when something doesn't arrive on your doorstep in a hot 48. Small businesses create experiences, not one-click checkouts. Why? Because we're not Amazon, and that's just how we like it.

Our expert curations might not arrive freaky fast because our small business researches, selects, orders, receives, notifies, and ships everything by our own tiny but mighty selves. Robots don't do our ordering. We don't have a warehouse staff. We don't print books in the basement. So while, yes, you might have to drive into town, talk to a real human being, and wait a few days or even a few weeks for that just-right thing, but when you make those modern-day sacrifices by shopping small, you're giving us the greatest gift of all. Your time is just as precious as your dollars, and when you spend both locally, you're truly making a positive impact. Boy, are we grateful for you!

We want every shopping, eating, and leisure experience you have to be worth it, because they always are to us. Don't box out your small local businesses. While we don't and won't have the same physical and financial resources because we're not Amazon, we like it that way. Because although we are tiny, we're Amazonian at heart.

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